Amanda Schendel, Founder

Psychedelic Ceremony Expert



Amanda's goal as a Psychedelic Leader & Guide is to protect the practice of North and South American Spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and sacred practices. As an advocate of the safe, responsible use of psychedelics, she strongly supports not only the continued scientific research into their potential, but also the use of the traditions surrounding their ancient healing. 

Amanda has spent the past 4 years studying native plant medicine and ceremonial healing with over 500 guests in Ecuador, Mexico, Jamaica and around the world. During her stay as a manager and facilitator at Gaia Sagrada, she kept the sacred fire, taught holistic health workshops and meditation. Her position included managing and leading a group of 15 volunteers at the center. 

She is the founder of The Buena Vida Psychedelic Retreats & Sol Medicine Mexico.  She works with private groups and retreat centers around the world. Her podcast, Semi-Woo, is a celebration of all things spirituality, consciousness and "woo-woo"! She splits her time between her home in Seattle, WA & Mexico.

In the past, she has trained as a comedic improviser at UCB Theater in NYC, Jet City in Seattle and The National Comedy Theatre in San Diego. She received her BA degree from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2004 with a major in Communications & Film.

Amanda's Current Projects

June 2018 Soul Medicine in Baja Sur, Ayahuasca Retreat-Organizer and facilitator

June 2018-MycoMeditations Second Annual Psychedelic Families Retreat-Speaker and facilitator

September-October, 2018-MycoMeditations Retreat Facilitator & Women’s Retreat Leader

January-April, 2019-Sol Medicine Mushroom Retreats in Playa del Carmen, MX

May, 2019 The Buena Vida Mushroom Retreats in Northern Baja, MX 

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Jessica Grotfeldt

Curandera Healer, Chinese Medicine Specialist, Ceremony Leader

Jessica Grotfeldt is a shamanic healer, Chinese Medicine Specialist and highly experienced traveler in Mexico. She feels connected and called to this beautiful medicine and has held private and small-group ceremonies all over the US. She has lived for over 7 years in Mexico and desires to preserve the Mexican healing traditions in her work. Jessica works with psilocybin mushrooms as well as many hand-made Chinese medicine tinctures and formulas.

Jessica has been practicing herbalism, acupuncture, healing massage, sound therapy and shamanic journeying in New York City for the past 8 years. Her private practice, Curandera Acupuncture, seeks to combine her passion for traditional indigenous Mexican healing and her studies with Eastern medicine. 

She holds her B.A. in Native American & Indigenous Studies concentrating on Curandera Shamanism from the University of Texas and her Ph.D. in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Jessica's Current Projects

January-July, 2018- 'Curandera Acupuncture' practice in Manhattan, NYC.

January-April, 2019-Sol Medicine Mushroom Retreats in Playa del Carmen, MX-Acupuncture healer & leader.

Jessica splits her time between NYC, Mexico and work around the globe. 

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Kate Ryan

Ceremony Leader. Sound Healer, Shamanic Guide

Shamanic Musician, Oracle & Healer; Ceremony Leader Kate is a certified Sound Healer, 200Ryt Vinyasa teacher, Reiki attuned and shamanic initiate of Peruvian Shipibo tribe plant healing. She shares her practice, plant spirit medicine meditations, sound healing events and self care healing retreats in Seattle, Washington and around the world.

"I am Kate Ryan; Songbird, Oracle & Shamanic Musician. My Maternal Grandmothers maiden name was Jakku.  Throughout my life I have been called to heal with a relationship to the great divine feminine. I believe when we heal ourselves, we heal our family & ancestors.  I carry the lineage of strong women forward to build a legacy of love. A graduate with a BFA in Theater, my 20 years of performance work focused on Ritual, trance practice & social engagement. I am currently sharing my practice through classes, workshops and self-care healing retreats based in Seattle, Washington."