Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

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Amanda Schendel’s Couragous Integration recognizes that while on a  mission to integrate other states of consciousness, we can all benefit from a one-on-one counselor.  She believes that integrating a transformative experience requires care, love, understanding, and support. The Buena Vida's Psychedelic Integration takes a harm reduction approach emphasizing accurate information, education, and safety. She is committed to serving individuals who are interested in working with expanded states of consciousness. She helps with their personal transformation by empowering clients with tools, supporting through challenges, and easing the process of integration back into daily life. Her aim is to provide a supportive container, inspire confidence, encourage self-love and make sure your psychedelic experience transforms the old into the brand new!


Psychedelic integration is a reorganization of the mind, body, and spirit after an experience of a non-ordinary state of consciousness instigated by a psychedelic or entheogenic substance. Integration involves psychological and somatic processing of the experience and a successful assimilation of insights into one’s life for the purpose of growth and well-being.


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Amazing group of retreat guests from Gaia Sagrada enjoying the night in Cuenca, Ecuador

Amazing group of retreat guests from Gaia Sagrada enjoying the night in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Private One-on-One Sessions with Amanda

Cool, how do I start this integration process?

Amanda provides a limited number of one-on-one counseling sessions designed to help you integrated the psychedelic experience into the rest of your waking consciousness. She will design a 4-8 week program specifically for you once your intentions and goals of integration are set. Amanda has counseled over 300 people before and after the psychedelic experience and loves to add humor and joy to each and every counseling session.


She specializes in using the psychedelic experience for:

-Addiction recovery 

-Depression & anxiety relief

-Integration planning and implementation

-Accountability from a trusted partner


Set and Setting but also Support!