Ayahuasca Dieta and Ceremony Information

*All guests and participants will have a private, 1 on 1 Skype or phone interview with our shaman prior to participation*


At least 3 (optimally 5 or more) days prior to ceremony, and for 3 days after it is advised to eat light, clean, whole foods and avoid anything that is processed, or spicy, and to also avoid or limit caffeine and chocolate.

AVOID:   all alcohol and other drugs (including Cannabis)

            red meat &  NO PORK

            dairy and dairy products, especially aged cheeses

            spicy foods


            fried foods


             chocolate *cacao is ok

            foods containing refined sugars

            *and though not a food, no sex or self pleasure

Finally, do reduce/limit your salt intake; it is best to completely avoid all salt for 2-3 days prior to ceremony,

In essence, a diet of whole, fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fish, eggs, and chicken is recommended for a full week prior to the ceremony to facilitate the best experience.

Plan to eat lightly on the day of ceremony; some people prefer to abstain from food from about2pm on, some people prefer to fast for the day.


IMPORTANT: YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE AT THIS TIME IF YOU ARE ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS, SSRIs, MAOIs; please contact me to discuss any other medications (prescription, over-the-counter, or other herbs or supplements) you are currently on as there are some things that are contraindicated.


***There are no restrictions on participating while menstruating, but please advise me if you are on your moon when we gather.***

Other Recommendations:

Loose and comfortable clothes for ceremony; natural fibers are recommended and some people prefer to wear sacred items to them or  all white, though this is by no means necessary.

Any items you may want to put on a communal (or your own private) altar: candles, stones or crystals, flowers, etc.

A water bottle.

A journal for before and after ceremony if you would like to make notes and record important information.

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