Psychedelic 7-Day Preparation course

Magic Mushrooms


1. Watch the video

2. Use the journal prompts to explore and expand what this lesson means for you personally. Don't feel pressure to answer every single question; put pen to paper and see where it takes you.

3. Close with the 10-minute meditation or meditate silently on your own.

Journaling Prompts

  • When you hear the phrase "Magic Mushrooms", what thoughts and feeling come up? You can list positive or negative associations with this phrase. Try to tap into how you feel as opposed to what you think about it.

  • Do you believe that these mushrooms have a true therapeutic and psychological benefit? Or perhaps they are simply a "good time"?

  • If you've ever had a good or bad trip with mushrooms, describe the "set & setting" of that time. The set is your mindset & emotions going into the process. The setting is where you were physically, who was around you, the level of security you felt, etc. 

  • What do you hope to learn or feel from this upcoming mushroom journey?

  • Mushrooms can give us a feeling of being childlike. Describe what this means to you.

List any apprehension or fear around the ceremony. List your positive hopes and expectations as well.