Psychedelic 7-Day Preparation course

Our Light Side


1. Read the lesson

2. Use the journal prompts to explore and expand what this lesson means for you personally. Don't feel pressure to answer every single question; put pen to paper and see where it takes you.

3. Close with the 10-minute meditation or meditate silently on your own.

What is our light side?

Maybe when you hear light side, you think of Star Wars or good vs. evil. In ceremony, our light and shadow sides are not good or bad or evil or holy. They are simply two sides of the very same person and we all have them both!

We live in a world of duality, of contrast and of polarity. We are often reminded that without the bad, the good would not seems as sweet. 

Carl Jung was the first modern psychologist to bring these concepts to our world. He defined our shadow as all the parts of our unconscious that our conscious is not able to identify. Contrary to the way Freud defined our shadow, Jung included positive and negative traits in our shadow. It was simply the trait that were not consciously aware we have. 

For our uses, we are taking the approach of our light side at the conscious ways in which we behave and appreciate ourselves. Our light isn't just our  "best" qualities, its who we perceive ourselves to be. Its how we define ourselves to the world.

Our Light Journaling Prompts

  1. Define your personality in 5 words.

  2. Do you consciously try to portray these traits to people in your life?

  3. List 5 things about you (can be qualities, knowledge, expertise, etc) that you feel let you show your best side.

  4. What do you tend to project onto others? Are there certain topics that seem to "set you off" quickly?

  5. Do you think its a good or bad idea to embrace your shadow and light sides? Should we all be trying to get rid of our shadow?