Psychedelic 7-Day Preparation course




1. Read the lesson

2. Use the journal prompts to explore and expand what this lesson means for you personally. Don't feel pressure to answer every single question; put pen to paper and see where it takes you.

3. Close with the guided meditation or meditate silently on your own.

Intentions: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Intentions are the stuff dreams are made of! It’s through creating and then setting intentions that we align ourselves with who we are in the present moment and figure out what our heart's desire for our life really is.

--Intentions Aren't Goals--

I still sometimes confuse setting intentions with setting goals, a super common mistake. Making and setting goals can be valuable but they are made by envisioning a future and applying discipline and hard work to achieve it. To stay motivated toward our goal we typically attach to an outcome. Rigid attachment is based in fear and insecurity and often our goals are based there too.

Intentions are based in contentment and the belief that our higher self is pretty wonderful and awesome. Throughout the day, week or month we can use intentions like a roadmap to keep us on track toward our best selves and ground us when times are frustrating and tough (like when we missed another one of our goals!).

For instance, imagine starting your day with this intention: I intend to enjoy my relationship with my partner, allowing it to unfold and deepen with elegance and ease.

Then chances are you first shift your way of thinking about your relationship as something to enjoy vs. something to work on. If your roadmap is for ease, how will this affect how you act on the brink of an argument? How will you weather ups and downs?

--Intentions Come From Our Best Selves--

When we set intentions we set a tone for how we want to feel. Having a roadmap for your desired feelings vs. your desired outcomes creates a bold and beautiful new perspective for our lives. When we shift our perception, we shift our actions which shifts everything else around us.  

Call your intention to the center of your mind when you need a guide or feel outside of yourself. Intentions are a wonderful way to help you stay grounded and reconnect with what matters most.

Intention Journaling Prompts

For your meditation in this lesson you will focus on the intention that you create here. To get your creative juices flowing, feel free to pick any or all of the focuses below and see what gives you the most feeling and cause to journal.

  1. What matters most to you?

  2. What would you like to build, create, or nurture in your life?

  3. What would you like to let go of?

  4. Who would you like to forgive in your life?

  5. How do you feel when you are your happiest self?

  6. What makes you proud?

  7. What word(s) would you like to align yourself with?

  8. What fears would you like to release?

  9. What are you grateful for

--Tips for Writing Intentions--

  • Make them positive!

            Anger –> Forgiveness

            Fear –> Comfort

            Weakness –> Strength

            Sadness –> Joy

           Doubt –> Peace

           Insecurity –> Confidence

           Instability –> Bala nce

  • Avoid making a goals (I want to go to yoga four times a week) and go with your feelings (I intend to feel solid and healthy in my body).

  • Let the Universe handle the details, the outcomes we try to force may not be as good for us as the ones that come naturally!

--Examples of Intentions That May Resonate With You--

I intend to show acts of kindness today, opening myself to any possibility to bring joy into the life of another.

I intend for my mind to be receptive to clarity, inspiration, and any information that will guide me toward my goals.

I intend to expand my focus so that I may enjoy, appreciate, and contribute to the beauty of nature.

I intend that the communication between my partner and I be crystal clear, both with words and beyond words.

I intend to create supportive, healthy and nurturing surroundings at work.

I intend to remember that I am sending positive energy to the greater whole whenever I am in joy.