Psilocybin Healing in Mexico

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Intention. Ceremony. Joy

These three words describe the goal of The Buena Vida retreats.

We are a LEGAL, SAFE, and most of all CARING group of leaders trained to guide you through this epic journey. We are the only female-led and Ceremony-focused Psilocybin retreat in the world.

We use sacred plant medicines to heal past traumas, unveil creativity and inspire gratitude. Sound bowl vibrations, magical meditations, and a judgement-free community surround our work. Take a safe, secure adventure into the most mystical area of the universe: your inner self.

 Those looking to heal chronic depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of creativity, PTSD or even simply a lack of purpose in their lives are sure to benefit from a safe session with psilocybin mushrooms. When done at the correct dosage and under the care and supervision of experienced, caring facilitators, these little magic fungi can help us get to the root of our issues and find the strength to heal ourselves. 

Upcoming Retreats

Each retreat group consists of a 3:1 ratio of guests to leaders. We cater to those wanting a luxurious, pampered and caring retreat that allows a deep dive into this sacred medicine.

Fall 2019:

Sayulita, Mexico

October 17-22 & October 27-November 1st, 2019

Winter 2020:

Tulum, Mexico

January 7-13th & January 22-28th

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The Buena Vida and Sol Medicine does not supply, manufacture, distribute or condone the use of any illegal substances. The goal of Sol Medicine Retreats is to facilitate access to trained, indigenous shamans who work with sacred plant medicines within an accepted, sacramental and ceremonial context. The shamans personally evaluate each guests’ needs and work strictly within the laws of their training and all local and national laws where the retreats will take place. We do not guarantee any results or outcomes, specific medicine usage, etc. Each participant is responsible for informing themselves about possible pharmaceutical drug contraindications, including but not limited to SSRI and other stabilizing medication. They assume all responsibility for due diligence required for their participation. For more information and additional resources, email