The Buena Vida@ Sano Bay Resort  

Private. Luxurious. Tasty. Safe.

Get to know San Bay Resort in Ensenada, Mexico

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Nestled on a peninsula…

off the Pacific Coast of Northern Baja, our spacious 5600 square foot resort boasts 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms,
and a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces suited to a variety of purposes.

Inspiration is truly at the heart…

of the Sano Bay Resort. That is apparent with the very first phone call. The energy that owner Tina Jo puts forth is infectious. Due to the passion, faith and tenacity that she has put into every venture throughout her life, this resort is nothing short of amazing.

Her vision of a resort was created out of necessity – Tina Jo was looking to host her own retreats and found few possibilities. Out of frustration, she and Dawn put their heads together and decided to create a space with all their favorite things, in hopes that they would become yours as well.

Located on a beautiful, private 2 hour drive from the San Diego Airport, there’s no need for international flights for this retreat!

Sano Bay is is a healthy detox zone created to dive deep into your inner bliss and celebrate life!

Learn about Sano Bay with our photo gallery below.

What's Included in your Retreat

  • 6days/5 nights in a safe, large, private luxury resort near Ensenada Northern Baja, Mexico .

  • 7-day Online Preparation Course that will help you set intentions and prepare.

  • 3 Powerful Mushroom Medicine ceremonies lead by trained, musically gifted Shaman as well as loving facilitators.

  • Daily Ceremony Integration & meditations

  • Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and workshops

  • Chef-prepared local cuisine & local wine

  • Closing Sound Bath and Fruit Ceremony

  • Kind and authentic community; maximum of 12 guests

  • Dedicated time for swimming, rest & nature connection

  • Transportation to and from the San Diego (SAN) airport. No international flights needed!


Amanda Schendel

 Meditation Leader, Plant Medicine Healer

Amanda's goal as a facilitator is to protect the practice of North and South American Spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and sacred practices. As an advocate of the safe, responsible and sacred use of psychedelics, she strongly supports the continued scientific research into their healing potential and medicinal use.

Amanda recently she spent 3 years studying native plant medicine and healing with a Quechuan shaman in Ecuador. During her stay, she was able to study modern mindfulness meditation & native healing modalities while leading a group of volunteers and managing the retreat center. In Ecuador she works with Ayahuasca and San Pedro/Huachuma cactus medicine. She also facilitates psilocybin journeys with MycoMeditations in Jamaica. Her work here includes trip guidance, energetic movement & healing, guided meditations, lay counseling, and psychedelic integration.

Amanda splits her time between her home in Seattle, WA and Mexico. She works with various groups and retreat centers around the world. 


Kate Ryan

Shamanic Musician & Healer

   Shamanic Musician, Oracle & Healer; Ceremony Leader Kate is a certified Sound Healer, 200Ryt Vinyasa teacher, Reiki attuned and shamanic initiate of Peruvian Shipibo tribe plant healing. She shares her practice, plant spirit medicine meditations, sound healing events and self care healing retreats in Seattle, Washington and around the world.

"I am Kate Ryan; Songbird, Oracle & Shamanic Musician. My Maternal Grandmothers maiden name was Jakku.  Throughout my life I have been called to heal with a relationship to the great divine feminine. I believe when we heal ourselves, we heal our family & ancestors.  I carry the lineage of strong women forward to build a legacy of love. A graduate with a BFA in Theater, my 20 years of performance work focused on Ritual, trance practice & social engagement.I am currently sharing my practice through classes, workshops & self~care healing retreats based in Seattle Washington."

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Ceremony Information

What is a plant medicine ceremony? Amanda will give you a preview how we combine ancient healing ritual with modern, magical fun. You'll also be able to find more info  on mindfulness, plant medicine, healing, spirituality and more.